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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When I saw this comic, it made me laugh! Luckily for me, I have an overload of inspiration when it comes to my writing!

I carry around a leather-bound notebook in my purse that my friend gave me a few years ago for Christmas. Here's what's written on the cover: 
" You  don't write because you want to say something.
You write because you've got something to say."
I've sectioned off three parts of the notebook - Characters, Dialogue, Settings. Then, whenever I am out somewhere and creativity strikes, I can jot it down. 

I've gathered some rich dialogue from a sweet Southern belle of a waitress at my local diner, a clerk in the grocery store, an elderly gentleman sitting on a bench at the park. I have no set organizational methods to my madness other than these three tabs. When I hear great dialogue, I just write it down. If I noticed the way that man was dressed, I transpose it into words, knowing that someday, I'm going to need that "Southern twang" of Sylvia, the waitress in my latest project, or to describe how the gentleman was sitting, slumped over to feed the ducks in his old, crumpled suit...as my friend, Kathleen always tells me after one of our adventures, "You're gonna write about this someday, aren't you?" She knows me too well...that EVERYTHING is fodder for this writer!

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