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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dramatic Texting And Driving PSA

     My newest book project is centered around texting and driving. Yesterday morning while driving on a two lane road, the SUV in front of me kept ping-ponging over the center line and then back to the left side of the road, almost going up on the median. I backed off because the brake lights kept coming on sporadically and finally the driver switched lanes. 
     As I carefully passed the car, there sat a woman, approximately in her late 20's with her elbows pushed together in front of her GUIDING THE STEERING WHEEL while she texted away, staring down at her phone and occasionally looking at the road in front of her. My first instinct was to honk my horn at her and motion for her to put the phone down, but I was afraid she'd lose control of the car and either slam into a pedestrian on the sidewalk, or the car in front of her.
     I wish teens would be forced to watch public service announcements and then take a pledge. Maybe an app will be invented that once you start your car, the texting capabilities are shut down. Or maybe local law enforcement agencies could offer a hotline where drivers can report offenders. With the new school year coming up soon, it scares me. I pray that texting while driving will be outlawed some day.
     Please forward this PSA on and don't text and drive! 
Thank you....

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