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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The House on Pancake Hill - Reviews!

My Happy New Year sale continues through Tuesday, 1/6...the book has been discounted to only 99¢! Writing this manuscript and finally telling my story has been cathartic. My main goal was to help other psychic teens who may be experiencing what I went through as a child. The emails and feedback that I've received are proof that "coming out" of the paranormal closet was the best thing I ever did. Please take advantage of the sale today:

Here are some of the reviews on Amazon:
  • I could not put this book down. I was actually glued to my kindle reading this book. I once lived in haunted house but it was mild compared to Pancake Hill. The author was so descriptive, I could picture the ghosts as she spoke about them. I was so spooked after finishing this book, that I was unable to go to my second floor and do some sewing jobs that I needed to work on. I went out to my car this evening (Halloween)to get something I left in there and ran from the front door to the car and right back in the house. I felt like Jodi did when she had to go to the basement. If you enjoy the reality of the supernatural, you will LOVE this story.
  • The spirits chose the perfect little girl to visit. Now, after all these years your story is their story. With the authors help these ghostly spirits transcend time and space to let the world know that there is more waiting for us after we leave this earth. Death is not final. There is more, so much more. If we close our eyes and open our minds we too may be used to witness the existence of a world that exists beyond our earthly life. Jodi's story is a must read!
  • As someone who shares This Gift from God,
    and who 'hears the whispers of Angels,'
    I can assure the reader,
    that this wonderfully written story
    is a whole lot more Fact, than fiction!
    Thank You, Jodi Sykes, for sharing Your Truth
    with the likes of us....
    Keep on blessing us (all!)
  • I read this book, without stopping, even to breathe. I could see myself, playing on the grounds of Pancake Hill. I am fascinated by the Victorian era, loved the scene of horse and carriage activity, as seen from her third floor window.As a nurse, I have often felt a spirit presence, near, as Jodi described.I, myself, have had lights turn on and off, in the middle of the night.Thank you for this insightful book, written through the eyes of innocence!
  • I read this book straight through enjoying the honesty of the author and her telling of an old fashioned ghost story.
  • Such a chiller to read, loved it, especially as someone that spent a fair amount of time and a number of overnights at that house. I was very young, but do remember many of the events unfolding as they were happening. My family was one of the few that was not kept in the dark (no pun) about the activity in the house. To this very day, I still have recurring nightmares about that house. Great job writing such awesome and chilling detail of the house and activity Jodi Sykes.
  • This book is excellent. I believed every word. Not only is it interesting in the details of poltergeists and other visitors, but the writing is very genuine and well done. The people described are believable and it's interesting to see some of them come to the realization that spirits are genuine and can sometimes been seen by mortals. This, although short in length, is a five star book and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it and read it. Terrific! Well done!
  • The events that happened to this woman (as a child) were freaky but awesome at the same time. She writes really well too, like a friend telling stories at a dark campfire. I lost track of time reading this book. If you like true life stories of the paranormal or stories about people who talk to dead people... you will really enjoy reading this book.
  • This book grabbed me. I had planned on reading it later, but instead began reading with the download and kept on reading. It drew me in and I couldn't put it down. It is shocking what this author went through as a child. All that she had to hide was like living 2 lives. So few people can attest to having this "gift" as long or as powerfully clear as this woman.
  • Jodi is a fascinating person so I wanted to read her new book.
    The book keeps you interested at all times.
    Once I started reading It I didn't want to stop. So I read it all the way through ( until 2:00 am so that should tell you something)
    I give her credit because I might not have been able to handle the situations she was put into with such strength.
    So now I can't wait for future books from her.
  • A glimpse into the spirit world through the eyes of a child. Beautifully written with depth and humor. A child's journey of conquering fear and allowing what is to be. For those of you who live in the light, a must read.
  • An interesting book on the paranormal. The author provides vivid descriptions of her feelings and her surroundings. The book is an easy read and I would recommend it to a friend.
  • What an awesome book! I gobbled up every page waiting for the next visitor. The author used such vivid details I could see the twin Victorian girls standing before her. I remember the Warren's from the 70's and was so proud of the authors mother for calling them. I can imagine that the Warren's did not take this case lightly. I myself was a little frightened of the Nun and the man in the shed.
    This is the perfect book if you have a comfy chair, blanket and cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day. Don't miss it! I am looking forward to Jodi Sykes writing another book.
  • I finished reading this extremely well written book yesterday. I totally enjoyed every page of this young girls journey. I felt as though I was standing right next to her and feeling her emotions. What she experienced is a Gift, given only to those chosen. After completing the book my thoughts turned to the wonderful experience that had been shared with me.. Chills running throughout my body knowing this was truly a Real Experience. My Heart goes out to her for what she has endured. With her Special Gift of talent, can't wait to travel with her again on her next adventure.....Good Luck and God Bless YOU......Jodi
Have a great day, and if you have any dealings with the paranormal, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks so much!

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