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Sunday, January 12, 2014

I ♥ Positive Feedback!

I received some wonderful feedback from my cousin this week regarding my book, I am Special -- The Power is in ME! Her grandsons were visiting and she shared the book with them. Not only were they impressed that she actually knew a REAL author, it opened up a huge discussion about their importance and self-worth. 

One of them had mentioned that he didn't like going to school because some of the children were mean. She re-read the book before putting them to bed.

The next morning, she fed them breakfast and got them ready for school. They stepped out onto the porch and before she could lock the door, one of the boys said he had forgotten something and he went running back inside while her and the other grandson stood on the porch waiting. It seemed to be taking him quite longer than she expected so she went inside to investigate. 

She found him sitting in a lotus position on the living room floor, eyes closed, practicing his breathing before going to school! And, THAT, my friends is beyond awesome! 

I've received emails from teachers who are using it in the classroom now and are getting excellent results so please pass this on to any child you love and adore...it's a great way to teach them the self-love and inner guidance they'll need in their lives! Thanks so much!


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