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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keeping it REAL!

I woke up this morning already thinking about ways to market my book, trying to stay positive and then I checked my emails and found the following letter from a student and it really put things into prospective - it's not about the marketing or the money, it is about keeping it real and helping others!

Ms. Sykes,
First off I would like to thank you for writing this book because I don't have any sort of cancer or illness but my best friend did. She had Cystic Fibrosis, not cancer related but an illness that also needs a cure! My best friend had passed away two years ago, she was only fifteen. Your book gave me the curiosity to read about the life on an in and out patient. At first it was just a book that I had to look for, for a memoir in my AP English class. Then as I started to look more into your book I couldn't get myself unattached from it. Knowing what my best friend had gone through with her illness I somehow became apart of your book, remembering how I'd visit her at the hospital or making sure she took her medicine. You are a true example of someone living life to the fullest because being able to face the challenges in your life ESPECIALLY your illness. Just me with the flu I feel like everything in the world has gone to pieces but you! You are a magnificent woman! Thank you Ms. Sykes for writing this informative book, making understand what life is like with an illness, and helping me receive an accepting grade.


Thanks so much, Clarissa for your kind words!

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