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Thursday, March 6, 2014

♥ We All Need a Creative Space! ♥

I saw this and realized that, even as a child, I've always had my own creative space somewhere in my house.

I grew up in a three story house. My bedroom was on the top floor. Slanted ceiling, charming dormer window which overlooked the front of the house. I had a small table and chairs set up in the corner of the room and throw pillows on the floor. It was my place to sit and create and watch the seasons change. I produced many of my first early writings there, as well as a plethora of craft projects.

From that point on, no matter where I lived, I needed to have my own space. The cottage I live in now is the best by far...lots of natural light, my office painted a lovely shade of coral, everything I love surrounds me. Books. Photos. Mementos. Its where I come every morning (between the hours of 3-5 a.m.) to write and blog. I light some nag champa and candles. A big mug of tea. Quiet music playing as a backdrop. (Until the birds wake up to sing their morning songs.) My sanctuary!

Here are a few pictures of my creative space:

I would love to see some pictures of YOUR creative spaces!
Feel free to email them to me and I will feature them on this blog.

Have an AWESOME day! Go forth and

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