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Friday, October 25, 2013


      I am getting soooo antsy ... I just want to tell my story already! 
I hid everything in for so long and now it's time...
     Writing The House on Pancake Hill has been so cathartic for me in so many ways. Yesterday, while doing a final read-through with my Writer's critique group, I began to cry at one point. SOBBING! I've done so many edits and had never experienced this raw emotion before. One of the writers continued to finish reading the chapter for me, and at the end, another reached over and touched my hand tenderly and said that the part that I began crying was when I was talking about my mother comforting me...whew! 
     Last night I told my best friend about it and she said that most likely, my mother was standing right beside me, I was overcome with emotion and it all bubbled to the surface. I got instant "goosies" the minute she said it, which is my confirmation from Spirit that she was right. As you will read in this book, I truly kept what went on inside The House on Pancake Hill a secret so this is a release for me...I am finally letting it go!
     Stay tuned for IT'S release on Halloween....XOXOXO

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