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Thursday, October 10, 2013


As a former Early Childhood Educator, I was always searching for ways to encourage the love of reading. Many of the children that I taught were at below poverty level. Once a week, during nap time, I'd leave the children with my classroom assistants and I'd choose 5 children to go to the school library with me to pick books for our reading corner. Many of my students had never seen, let alone touched a book in their house, OR had the opportunity to go to a library! I delighted in seeing their little faces light up when they began to love books!

I developed my own classroom library system where children and their parents could "check out" a book to take home and return it the next day. I had a room mother who was bilingual and she'd tape record children's books for me to use in my Listening Center. I always bought books for them as gifts at Christmas time.

The idea that is featured in this picture really excited me! How easy would that be to have at a bus stop, or a park?
C'mon lotto! I want to make things happen! 

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