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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Calling all Parents, Teachers & Anti-Bullying Groups!

Getting ready to run another Kindle Countdown Deal on my children's book, I Am Special -- The Power is in ME! from Saturday, November 1st - November 8th. Sale price will be 99¢ and it can be downloaded to your Kindle or computer. 
Please share this with friends and family! Thanks so much! 
Here's a description:
"Miss Jodi" Sykes was a former Early Childhood Educator who realized the importance of using guided meditation in her classroom - from a five minute filler to a way for the children to transition into a peaceful naptime, it was a valuable way for children learn how to connect to their inner selves and focus on relaxation. Jodi knows the importance of teaching these skills to children at a young age and she hopes that you will, too.
This book was one of her original meditations and there will be more to follow in the Empowering Children series.

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