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Monday, December 2, 2013

♥ End Bullying - Empower Children Early! ♥

When I published, I am Special -- The Power is in ME this year, my intent was to start teaching children from a young age that they M-A-T-T-E-R! When you provide them with that foundation of knowing that they have an inner power that they can tap into at any given time, they will receive a gift that will last a lifetime. 

I am Special -- The Power is in ME does just that. Children are born with the innocence and purity of not having any limitations on what they can or cannot do. This book teaches focus. Strength. Love for others. Respect. And most of all, a way to sit and listen to what they are feeling. If they are faced with difficult issues, they can go to that sacred space inside of themselves and sort through everything. And as adults, we need to cherish each and every child we meet and let them know that they ARE special and strong and can do anything they want.

The feedback that I've received from parents as well as Early Childhood educators has been wonderful. Many teachers are using this book in the classroom and have set aside "quiet time" throughout the day to help their students re-group and unwind when needed. That makes me so happy because I know first hand how guided meditation and quiet time helped in my Pre-K classroom.

If you are an organization that works with Bullying, then this book will help your little ones tremendously. When children learn that they are empowered, and they become more aware that other students in their classroom or groups are working together for a more peaceful environment, miracles happen. You will begin to see a more sensitive, and empathetic side to them and they will become mentors towards their peers....it's amazing! 

So, give this book a try and please report back to me with any feedback you may experience afterwards! 


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