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Monday, August 12, 2013

A Writer's Brain...

This map of a writer's brain says it all! Cue in the theme song from, A Love Story...Where do I begin, to tell the story....blah, blah, blah!

My mind is ALWAYS sloshing around ideas, random thoughts, and everything else in between. Being a writer can almost make one feel schizophrenic at times -- so  many character's voices talking to you, scenes and  dialogue that has no sense of time or privacy. Most of my best writings have come from ideas that were whispered to me in the early hours before dawn. It used to torment me -- I'd fight these inner voices, and then I'd forget what they told me after I awoke the next morning. It took quite a few episodes of this creative amnesia for me to realize that I needed to take heed, and, that even though most times I was roused from a peaceful sleep, it was Spirit telling reminding me of these precious gifts! 

Now I keep a notepad and pen in my nightstand and, when these moments occur, I turn on the light and jot them down. I have to admit, when I started this ritual, I was reluctant to flip the switch for fear of insomnia taking over so I'd write in the dark. This proved to be a mess of jumbled letter-like-crapola that I'd have to try to decipher in the morning. I decided to turn on the light instead. 

Today, this is exactly what I'm facing as I sit at the keyboard. My fourth book is on the run-way waiting for take-off and I am in a writer's limbo of sorts, trying to decide which project to start next. Guess I'll just have to refer to the notebook in my nightstand to unwrap the next present from the voices in my head...cross your fingers for me!

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